Frequently Asked Questions

Whenever you are ready, after purchasing the course or signing up you will get an email from thinkific which is a free portal where you will get access to all of the course content including recipes, videos and documents shared in the course.

Right away, once you have made the payment or signed up you will get access to all of the lessons (recipes, videos, documents)

Once you buy this course it is yours forever, you can watch it an unlimited amount of times and it is completely pre recored and self paced so you can take your time to get through the course on your own schedule. Baking each recipe along the way as you keep referring back to it when needed, since for now all purchases come with lifetime access. This may be subject to change but original users will maintain their lifetime access.

The "All About Baking Cakes" course includes 12 pre-recorded classes alongside a document for each video lesson; once you enrol you will have access to all of the course content, as for "The Four Foundations to Create" it is 4 pre-recorded video lessons and 6 documents. It is suggested to take your time digesting the content, once in theory with notes and second in practice.


This course is for anyone who is trying to become a better organizer in their own baking experiences and would benefit from creating a simple structured system for a smoother process.

This course is for anyone who enjoys baking or is a novice interested in starting with the right education and wants to learn everything there is to know, when it comes to enhancing their understanding of baking while also getting the perfect, softest recipes.


The course before all courses, failing to plan is planning to fail. A guideline structure where you understand how to plan any situation when it comes to baking. This is the not only a course for beginners but also for experienced bakers who can gain from simple organization skills.
A course for anyone who wants to know everything there is to know about baking cakes. It is even better if you're a beginner because this is the first baking course of the 11 courses that will be taught so taking this course means you're right at the beginning in the sequence of this journey, learning and building your skills with us.

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